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When asked why we choose the POWERgrass® over other natural, artificial or hybrid grass systems, the answer is simple: it is because POWERgrass® combines frequent use and safety, requires lower maintenance costs and is environmentally friendly than any other type of pitch.

With POWERgrass® technology, all other options belong to the past.

Maxi Lopez during a game with Samb - ItalyMaxi Lopez during a game with Samb - Italy

Traction, stability and softness of the playing surface are the most important prerogatives for playing safely! In the last 15 years, with the spread of synthetic pitches, more often than not, the player trains on a synthetic pitch but then plays in the stadium on natural grass, which is very often grown on farmland. This alternation of playing surface creates a difficulty of adaptation for muscles and ligaments with serious consequences because often the synthetic pitch is too hard and slippery while the natural pitch is too soft or has poor rooting and clods rise, especially after heavy rain.

POWERgrass® meets both needs, players who want to play safely on more stable natural grass and investors who want to use the pitch for up to 30 hours a week which often corresponds to real market demand.

Maintenance is reduced because no holes are formed; it is easy to maintain in an environmentally friendly way, making limited use of fungicides and herbicides so the POWERgrass® hybrid pitch is accessible to all because it is resistant for many more hours of play on real grass; it ensures play because it is playable even without natural grass and if natural grass is cultivated regularly it can last over 20 years!

The environmental impact is positive due to the contribution of the natural grass, which helps lower the temperature, captures CO2 and particulate materials and produces oxygen, largely mitigating the environmental impact of the installation phase.

It is the classic win-win situation, promoting a healthy environment and circular employment in the area. If you have a Rugby or 11-a-side football pitch, or better still if you have more than one available in your sports centre, the choice of the POWERgrass hybrid system is the right one for you. For a small investment in the purchase of professional equipment, a free course provided by our company and our follow-up service by a specialist technician for the first year, it is possible for anyone to manage the maintenance of a pitch in an efficient and ecological way.

The ecologic transition of our economy today offers incentives and obligations to take care of the environment that we can no longer ignore. Institutions and citizens are mobilising to prevent future man-made pandemics. POWERgrass® offers the possibility of creating a highly usable, easy-to-maintain, affordable field without taking away any more natural grass areas from the city's public green spaces.

Customers choose POWERgrass® because it offers:

  1. Traction, stability and softness of the playing surface offer security to the player and stimulate more spectacular actions.
  2. Rapid establishment and recovery of the natural grass after intensive use of the pitch for training and matches.
  3. High number of playing hours, about 30 per week in cool climates and 45 in warm climates while maintaining good quality natural grass where other hybrids are worn out when they exceed 10-15 hours per week.
  4. Simple and reduced maintenance with standard equipment with little care to avoid damaging the synthetic fibres.
  5. Simple system installation with conventional machines and easy repair or replacement of most wear areas.
  6. Standard warranty of 12 years for the synthetic carpet, extendable to 20 years if maintained by POWERgrass partners.
  7. Reusable to avoid any synthetic waste in landfills; at the end of its life, the system can be removed (with a sod collector), regenerated and reused for training pitches or other green areas.
  8. Playable without grass as an artificial turf pitch, providing playing safety in all conditions and offering flexibility for the natural grass maintenance schedule.
  9. Competitively priced that will provide over 30% savings compared to any other surface, over a 20-year life.
  10. Positive environmental impact because it captures and sequesters atmospheric carbon and assists in the hydraulic management of rainwater through rapid absorption and retention in the growing medium.
  11. Innovative system with four patents granted to protect your investment.

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