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What exactly does POWERgrass offer compared to other natural grass sports surfaces or those entirely in synthetic grass? What are its strengths?

Slide Tackle, Women's SoccerSlide Tackle, Women's Soccer

POWERgrass is a hybrid or rather mixed synthetic and natural grass system, which offers a reinforced playing surface always playable, even without natural grass. POWERgrass is the first system that combines the advantages of a synthetic grass field with high number of play hours with the advantages of a natural grass field with greater comfort and safety for the players.

  • Compared to only natural grass, POWERgrass offers greater stability to players and intensive use of the field that meets the needs of almost all sports centers, significantly reducing the cost of regular maintenance by eliminating the operation of restoring the holes.
  • Compared to only artificial turf, POWERgrass offers a cool playing surface, better ball control, fewer injuries and no abrasions during falls for players, significantly reducing the cost of replacing aged synthetic grass from the sun.
  • Compared to both, POWERgrass offers opportunities for better spectacular actions and savings to investors, builders, maintainers, the community and is in line with the principles of the Green Economy.

The strengths of POWERgrass can be schematically summed up in greater quality, safety and savings from construction, to maintenance, to the environment for an estimated depreciation period of 20 years. POWERgrass does not have an expiration date if cultivated regularly and even in case of abandonment, it's easy to recover. In case of replacement, even after 20 years, the old sod can be reused for training fields, public green spaces, parks, and private gardens.

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