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FAQ 02 Application Areas

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What are the main application areas of the POWERgrass hybrid grass?

In Rugby, falls during the Tackle require a soft fieldIn Rugby, falls during the Tackle require a soft field

POWERgrass has been designed to offer a better alternative to natural grass and fully synthetic turfs for the construction of all types of grass sports fields such as football, rugby, and American football fields.

In natural grass fields, the winter weather or the microclimate within a stadium is often unfavorable to the development of deep roots which results in poor tear resistance during the players' slides, thus encouraging the formation of holes. In POWERgrass, natural grass grows within the synthetic turf and the roots find an anchorage network to the artificial support; therefore, the playing surface becomes much more resistant and stable without ever causing the formation of holes.

The change of direction is the most frequent actionThe change of direction is the most frequent action

Also, in addition to the better quality and stability of the playing surface, the greater resistance etc., there are situations where POWERgrass solves problems where other floorings are not suitable because the roots of the natural grass together with the netting of the synthetic grass aggregate all materials into a single body avoiding the hydrogeological risk caused by floods and inundations. This is particularly important for fields built near watercourses and in areas at risk of flooding.

Another extremely important application is within the tracks of light athletics because it allows for the formation of a field of high quality and intensive game without having to give up the throws of the javelin, hammer, and discus compared to the construction of a fully synthetic field because any damages are easily repairable and invisible from the restoration of natural grass.

Other applications are possible anywhere there is a need to reinforce the natural grass. Tennis, volleyball and field hockey, golf tees, polo and gallops as well as green runways for planes are other application fields if the budget allows.

In public parks, it is possible to create a free play area without barriers because POWERgrass strengthens the grass, without being removable because the roots are anchored in the ground. In the gar

In public parks, it is possible to create a barrier-free play area because POWERgrass strengthens the grass without being removable as the roots anchor into the ground. In gardens, reinforcing play areas, around swimming pools is another possible application.

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