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FAQ 05 Duration Comparison

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How long can POWERgrass last compared to other natural or entirely synthetic grass sports surfaces?

A natural grass field, if properly maintained, can last "forever", as long as it is used for a limited number of hours (up to 3 hours a day), respecting the natural grass during the winter season when there is less growth.

A synthetic grass field offers an "unlimited" number of playing hours during the competitive season, keeping the field almost always playable. However, it has a lifespan that does not exceed 10 years for Northern Italy and 8 years for Central and Southern Italy with acceptable quality standards.

The hybrid grass field POWERgrass offers the real playing needs of sports clubs, up to 6 hours per day, with good quality standards and a field that is always playable even in the absence of natural grass. At the same time, with reduced but regular maintenance, it is possible to achieve an "unlimited" lifespan, but of course, we would be satisfied to reach 20 years of useful life.

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