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FAQ 06 Comparing maintenance processes

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How is the maintenance carried out for a POWERgrass hybrid turf field?

Once the synthetic grass specific for the POWERgrass hybrid turf system and the suitable infill have been installed for natural grass growth, the maintenance of the POWERgrass hybrid pitch is focused on the maintenance of the natural grass that self-regenerates if cultivated regularly.

Many are concerned about the weekly mowing of the natural grass (about 30 times during the competitive season in northern Italy), but this is equivalent to brushing the infill of entirely synthetic grass. However, today it is possible to automate the mowing with a gardener robot that works quietly at night without consuming fuel and only needs programming, cleaning the cutting part, and very little maintenance.

The most critical interventions are the fertilisations and the proper water management. Approximately 8 fertilisations are recommended, depending on the needs that allow the natural grass to grow regularly. The cost of fertilisers is limited, and the application is simple; with a small rotary cart, the fertiliser is distributed with precision, saving further unnecessary expenses. Lawn care product suppliers almost always offer free consultancy services to promote their products.

A couple of surface aerations and some deep punctures maintain the gaseous exchange in the growth substrate for healthy and vigorous root growth in depth.

The reseeding at the end of the season increases the lawn's density and reintroduces the damaged natural grass plants in 6-8 weeks to face the next competitive season.

The eventual cost for antifungal treatments used for natural grass is equivalent to disinfectant treatments for entirely synthetic grass against algae, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

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