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FAQ 07 Multidisciplinary Fields

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How is the tracing of the POWERgrass hybrid grass field carried out? Is it true that multiple sports can be applied to the same field?

The game lines in the hybrid lawn are not fixed, as is the case with fields entirely in synthetic grass, so they need to be traced every week as the natural grass grows (about 30-34 times a year). It may seem bothersome to some, but the operation can be made easy by installing white tufts at the corner points of the field lines and with the help of a line-marking sprayer with non-toxic paint for the grass. Therefore, it's possible to retrace the original marking and remark the field in less than an hour. The cost of the material is negligible and, on the other hand, there is a significant advantage: the ability to mark the field diagonally for 7-a-side football or for other sports such as American Football and Rugby, making the facility multi-purpose, naturally respecting the minimum measurements allowed for each category and sports discipline.

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