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Some people think that hybrid grass is a middle ground between natural grass and synthetic grass and often it doesn't convince either fans of natural grass and even less so those of fully synthetic grass. Where does POWERgrass hybrid grass stand?

This statement holds some truth because, over the last 25 years, we have witnessed mixed systems that have helped to strengthen the stability of natural grass and increase the weekly utilisation hours of the playing field. In fact, the most appreciated aspect of hybrid grass systems is the sensation and playing comfort almost equivalent to natural grass.

Currently, we can identify 2-3 past hybrid systems that are more or less functional, but essentially no one is able to offer a number of hours high enough to meet the needs of about 1000-1200 hours for a sports company without damaging the natural grass or the system itself and even less so where the natural grass deteriorates (for any reason) it offers a playable surface.

These are the main objectives of POWERgrass hybrid grass that have been achieved thanks to the unique combination of 4 features, protected in 4 invention patents, offering a perfect symbiosis between natural and synthetic grass with mutual benefits.

  1. The fixation ("tuft lock") of strong and resilient synthetic fibers to the horizontal support (backing) is essential to brush or harrow the hybrid mantle during clogging, thus raising and protruding the fibers 20-30 mm above the growth substrate. The number of fibers must be enough to protect the crowns of the plants and ensure a playable field even before sowing the natural grass. The appearance of the hybrid field before sowing should indeed be green and ready for play.
  2. The horizontal support, subject of the 3 patents, is open with a 3D structure, so the macro-pores of the support are uniformly and interconnectedly distributed over the entire surface with different angles to allow air circulation in the substrate to promote oxygen (O2) exchange with the gases produced by the respiration of the roots and by the microorganisms that feed on the organic substance and mineralize the nutrient elements (CO2), while the size and shape of the spaces or holes do not allow sand to enter to maintain unaltered the properties of the backing internally; consequently the roots can penetrate the horizontal support from the first moment of growth.
  3. The backing and fiber weldingThe backing and fiber welding

    The backing is not biodegradable to maintain its structure over the years and is made of a special mesh that does not unravel when punctured to withstand multiple maintenance operations such as: deep aeration, dethatching, felt removal, reseeding, complete reestablishment of natural turf, etc.

  4. The backing is elastic and very soft to counteract the superficial hardening of the soil that greatly hinders player comfort and root penetration. The integration of gentle cork into the sand layer will provide a soft surface for players and less compaction in the growth substrate.

Thanks to the combination of these characteristics, POWERgrass hybrid grass has achieved the set objectives to offer the best of both components (synthetic grass and natural grass) because it combines the comfort and safety of natural grass with the resilience and reduced maintenance of artificial grass. This innovative combination in symbiosis also offers a lifespan of over 20 years because the synthetic grass reinforces the natural grass but at the same time is protected from premature aging by the sun's UV rays that translates into further savings for investors, the environment and the community. We can therefore say that POWERgrass is not the usual "middle ground" between synthetic grass and natural grass, much less a compromise, but it is a better alternative to everything that is available on the market today.

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