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An innovative company & an experienced contractor

An Innovative company & Experienced contractorAn Innovative company & Experienced contractor

The POWERgrass company was founded to promote the hybrid grass system of the same name. Sports pitches made with the POWERgrass system are the most extraordinary innovation in the history of sports facilities because they are highly usable and safer for the health of the players. From the point of view of sports centre management, the POWERgrass system has a positive environmental impact due to low-cost ecological maintenance and a long service life of more than 20 years. In addition, at the end of the 20-year period, there is no need to replace the synthetic reinforcement as it is sufficient to continue growing natural grass. 

In 2021, POWERgrass will be transformed into a Benefit Corporation which, in the exercise of an economic activity, in addition to the purpose of sharing profits, also pursues one or more aims of common benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.  

POWERgrass promotes systemic solutions for the territorial diffusion of the circular economy by offering its contribution to the development of sustainable technical and economic feasibility projects in the field of sports centre management and during all phases of its life cycle. POWERgrass believes that only through an increasingly active integration of sport and health with school education can the development of a stable and inclusive economy be fostered, putting people and the environment at the centre of attention.

The partner company Gli Specialisti del Verde has 20 years of experience in the construction of natural, synthetic and hybrid grass sports surfaces. The company has offered its know-how free of charge for the design of more than 1,000 sports pitches, proposing tailor-made solutions that are then contracted by various public bodies. It has participated with its own personnel and means in the construction of 190 football, rugby and athletics pitches built and approved according to USGA, LND, FIFA and IAAF standards. 

The administrator, Dr. Niko Sarris, specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of sports facilities. Dr. Sarris is a successful project manager, holds seven patents in sports equipment and is considered a genius in his field. He offers his skills and multidisciplinary experience to develop POWERgrass' R&D and benefit activities. Together with the stakeholders he is able to devise functional solutions to optimise investments with a holistic and expansive vision.

POWERgrass has always benefited from the experience of the company Gli Specialisti del Verde and together they have promoted and built 30 hybrid fields in Italy and abroad. Thanks also to the collaboration of Daniele Nasini, an expert in the maintenance of high-profile sports pitches, the company is now able to offer a professional maintenance service that can be adapted to any budget, also because in the near future environmental certifications in the use and maintenance phase will require professional management. 

From idea development to design with a holistic view

The innovative hybrid grass systemThe innovative hybrid grass system

Many years of experience and a wealth of know-how have enabled us to qualify as experts in the construction and maintenance of grass sports pitches. We have developed innovative, sometimes patented designs that few people even understand.

For this reason, we offer a free design assistance service with a holistic view, taking into account all construction, maintenance and end-of-life disposal costs, as well as external costs to reduce consumption and environmental impact.

POWERgrass is a hybrid system patented by Dr. Niko Sarris, an agricultural graduate with more than 25 years of experience in his science applied to playing fields. In the POWERgrass team we are aware that we have to meet all market demands and, at the same time, spread this extraordinary technology.

We have chosen a simple business model to grow gradually and safely. POWERgrass is ready to enter into business with established and qualified partners to assist groundsmen in understanding how best to carry out maintenance to make it easy, economical and environmentally friendly. Our partners are selected from among those who specialise in natural grass pitch maintenance and have staff who are experts in turf issues. 

Each new customer undergoes training with experienced personnel until they have acquired the knowledge to care for and maintain their turf. Maintenance using the HEALgreen method is simple and is supported free of charge for a whole year through our 'follow up' service.

Financing opportunities to amortise the investment over time

Financing a hybrid pitch over 20 years reduces the annual amortisation cost by 50% compared to a fully synthetic turf pitch. Ordinary maintenance costs are higher than for a synthetic pitch but constant over time. After the amortisation period, there is no need to replace the pitch peremptorily because the maintenance can simply be continued. In fact, the hybrid pitch prevents the risk of extraordinary maintenance and moreover protects the soil from erosion due to unpredictable weather events.

From a regulatory point of view, the European Commission is aiming at the development of a circular economy, so the rubber balls used as infill in all-synthetic fields will soon have to be removed according to the ECHA proposal to reduce pollution from micro-plastics. Plant-based infill materials have high extraordinary maintenance costs, so a well-designed hybrid turf system becomes much more cost-effective and forward-looking.

Competence. Efficiency. Flexibility

The market is constantly evolving and changes occur very quickly. The POWERgrass team is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to provide our customers with

  • benefits and advantages for the same costs
  • cost optimisation without sacrificing quality
  • and often both at the same time: Quality & Savings... which is what POWERgrass offers.

We train our staff to be:

  • competent, as a result of our specialisation, long experience and continuous training;
  • flexible, to understand the problems and work in "teams" to find "ad hoc" solutions;
  • efficient, to achieve maximum daily output and meet contractual deadlines.

Our structure is organised to operate over long distances as if we were at home. Operating efficiently, we have never let a customer down. Call us, without obligation, we know our job!

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