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Installing a sports pitch requires experienced personnel.

People think that it is enough to level the ground and sow the grass, and let nature do the rest. However, since a number of hours of sporting activities have to be carried out, often in the rain, modern sports fields are built on sandy substrates supplemented with organic and mineral soil conditioners. The POWERgrass system follows the same technology and includes a hybrid turf that allows for more use of the playing field while ensuring maximum comfort and safety for the players.

In order to exploit the full potential of the hybrid turf system, the installation must be entrusted to companies with experience in the installation of both natural and synthetic turf. The construction equipment must also work 'lightly' over the existing ground and when transporting the materials of the various drainage and plant layers.


During the construction phase, on any type of soil, carry out the following operations:

  1. removal of the turf and subsequent levelling of the ground with two or four slopes,
  2. installation of a 24-sprinkler irrigation system for a regulation football pitch,
  3. construction of a drainage network with interconnected trenches to channel excess rainwater to the sewer system by installing a perimeter collector and diagonally arranged drains in the field area with drainage pipes filled with crushed stone to the top,
  4. Laying a layer of crushed stone to a homogeneous thickness of at least 80 mm,
  5. Spreading of a growth layer made of a mixture of silica sand and ZOEsand soil conditioner, suitable for the growth of natural grass, for a homogeneous thickness of at least 80 mm,
  6. Laying of the hybrid system with open support and sewing of the rolls together, then distribution of the elastic element and progressive filling with the mixture of silica sand and ZOEsand soil conditioner until a homogeneous thickness of about 35 mm is achieved,
  7. seeding with quality mixtures and fertilisation to promote biological activity in the soil and intensive maintenance for 4 to 6 weeks, i.e. until natural grass is fully established.

When installing the POWERgrass hybrid grass system, care must be taken to ensure that a) the ground is well levelled and evenly rolled, and the slope of the ground allows water to drain away to the drains, b) put the rolls of hybrid grass next to each other and sew them together, avoiding wrinkles, then lift the fibres trapped in the seams c) mix the sand with the soil improvers, then gradually fill in the hybrid turf, brushing and raking carefully at each pass to ensure that the synthetic fibres protrude to the surface and are not buried in the substrate.

It is imperative that the synthetic fibres protrude to the surface to efficiently protect the crowns of the natural grass.

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