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2. Incorporating digital technology

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Track and optimise resource use and strengthen connections between supply chain actors through digital platforms and online technologies that provide insights.

CIRCULAR WORK The data analyst makes sense of large amounts of information through means ranging from simple data aggregation to complex data mining. The data analyst occupation involves the strategy of 'embedding digital technology' and thus enables the integration of intelligent systems and technologies into the circular economy. This job often requires a tertiary education in relatively new fields of data science and computer engineering.


POWERgrass has developed a multilingual, fully cloud-based management platform to record and share project information among employees, business partners, customers and suppliers. Each user can easily access the shared information via any browser and interact with others in the project of their interest.

POWERgrass integrates soil probes, aerial probes and water consumption meters into its projects to remotely monitor growing conditions, the maintenance practice implemented and how this needs to be adjusted with climate change. Remote monitoring does not replace the role of the maintenance technician, but makes it easier for technicians to analyse and interpret data, highlights the effects of a given intervention and above all helps to understand how to protect the crop from abiotic and biotic stresses because only "if you can measure, you can understand".

The management platform also records the activities carried out in the project during installation and maintenance, the products used and the measurements taken by the monitoring probes. The information shared thus becomes food for thought for a better understanding of the cost-effectiveness of products and processes.

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