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6. Rethinking the business model


Consider opportunities to create more value and align incentives through business models that are based on the interaction between products and services.

The leasing process manager is responsible for coordinating external service partners across different market segments. By contributing to the operation of a product as a service model, the leasing process manager contributes to the circular economy through the strategy of "rethinking the business model".


In recent years, POWERgrass engineers have focused on developing new, simple and cost-effective maintenance methods during the turfgrass growth period. By cultivating the lawn in autumn and spring, the need to reseed the lawn during the summer break is avoided because it is unfavourable for grass growth and only encourages weed growth. This also reduces water consumption and, instead of using chemicals to treat symptoms, preserves the health of the lawn by nourishing and growing the turf at the most favourable time of year for growth.

During the lockdown for Covid-19 we raised the bar on the quality of the POWERgrass hybrid system by integrating the HEALgreen maintenance method. The method is based on the teachings of regenerative agriculture for turf care. The method brings considerable benefits because it involves the most appropriate use of mineral nutrients and biological physio-activators with the gradual reduction of pesticides until they are completely eliminated.

Today, the POWERgrass proposal also includes a maintenance service for the entire depreciation period of the asset, up to 20 years. Through the Public-Private Partnership formula we offer the construction of the field together with the maintenance service at competitive costs with the best possible environmental impact, because only POWERgrass knows how to make the most of the energy potential of photosynthesis.

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