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7. Cooperate to create common value


Working together throughout the supply chain, within organisations and with the public sector to increase transparency and create common value.

The President of a trade association manages a multi-stakeholder membership organisation within a specific sector. The President can support the circular economy by encouraging greater collaboration, knowledge sharing and multidisciplinary networking. As such, the President can use the strategy of "collaborating to create common value" to contribute to the circular economy.


The assistance and technical advice of POWERgrass staff is also offered free of charge to turfgrass maintainers to better understand how to optimise the benefits of its technology.

POWERgrass technicians have always collaborated with authorities, associations and planners in the development of projects and technical standards for sports pitches. POWERgrass engineers have always collaborated with industry in the development of products, machinery and processes for environmentally friendly turf care.

Its inventor Dr. Niko Sarris has disseminated his knowledge widely, publishing 4 patents and a multilingual website for comprehensive technical material.

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