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Contrary to what many people think, to create a good hybrid grass system it is not enough to make a synthetic turf with lots of holes. In addition to the hybrid carpet, which must have certain characteristics, an in-depth study of agronomy is required to create a favourable habitat for the plants, which must benefit from the presence of the carpet.  Finally, a maintenance plan must be drawn up for each hybrid system, depending on how well it is adapted to the environment and the intensity of its use.

The main problem in designing an excellent hybrid system is to combine the skills of technicians from two different worlds, natural grass and synthetic turf.

Research and development is the result of studies, skills and experience acquired directly in the field!

Football surfaces require years of research & development and the experience gained shows that many innovations are not always risolutive.

Rapid and uniform growthRapid and uniform growth

Over the past 25 years, several hybrid systems have been designed and proposed to reinforce natural grass because they offer greater stability. No doubt the increased stability is appreciated by the player to prevent dangerous divots formation but, when the play gets intensive most hybrid systems tend to highlight their limitations. Some with the backing partially closed offer poor root ventilation so the natural grass perishes prematurely compared to a natural grass pitch. Others with deeply planted fibres harden quickly and limit root penetration when the resistance of the sandy substrate exceeds 1500 kPa. In both cases, to solve the problem of aeration and hardness of the field, frequent deep tine aerations are performed, which increases the cost of maintenance but also disturbs the root activity in the growing substrate.

The POWERgrass system today is the only system in the world that offers stability, softness and more traction where you can play many hours on natural grass with reduced maintenance. Customers ask why POWERgrass system is so unique and so different from others. The Powergrass system is the result of a rich know-how from two completely different worlds which has led to the perfect combination of natural and synthetic grass. In fact, the world of artificial turf and the world of natural grass are at constant "war" with each other and so far no one has developed a system in a holistic 360° manner. 

Synthetic turf technicians have a partial vision but it is understandable because many are not familiar with the advantages of playing on natural grass and have developed their profession where managers are unable to grow natural grass. Some technicians believe that it is enough to get new generations used to playing on synthetic turf, but the difference is obvious when the player plays on well maintained natural or hybrid grass. Some have developed a hybrid system believing that it is enough to make a synthetic turf with many holes to get the roots through, but the movement of water and air in the ground is more complex. 

On the other hand, natural grass technicians are often opposed to any synthetic or mixed system and deny it at first or because they see it as a threat to their work as "experts". In fact, many have developed their profession persuading others believe that only they have the answers for the right maintenance.

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