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Studies, research and experiments on a product, system or method are of little value if they do not take place in the context of regular use in a specific environment where, in addition to climatic variables, there are economic and above all technical and organisational variables. It is precisely direct experience in a number of real situations that enables us to understand and prevent problems and adopt the most suitable solutions from a functional and maintenance point of view to meet our customers' expectations.

Our experience... is part of one of the most important Sciences.

Agronomy is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the application of scientific principles to agriculture. Agronomy includes aspects studied by disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, soil science, ecology, economics, sociology, ethics, engineering, landscaping, design. In practical terms is the set of techniques and technologies that are used to make more efficient and effective results of economic activities that employ such knowledge.
Agronomy, as a science, addresses also the study of the consequences of the misuse of certain techniques cultivation. Looking for a complete and exhaustive definition of Agronomy it can be: "applied science that studies, adopts and applies knowledge, methods and technologies designed to optimize crop yields by acting on different factors, in order to improve the quality of products using appropriate technologies that are compatible with the environment, economically sustainable and which do not adversely affect the health of the final consumer." The study and practical application of scientific knowledge arising from different areas, thus confer to agronomy the importance of applied technology. The application of agronomic techniques requires - at a practical level-operating - even the knowledge of the basic principles of experimentation and research.

From the idea ... to the trial fields.

Enthusiastic yes, but not naive. Aware of the difficulties of coexistence between natural and artificial turf in old systems, we experimented with several solutions to check how the natural lawn behaves over the course of the season.

The results confirmed the rule: if the roots breathe, they grow deep and the lawn is in good health.

Test POWERgrass in GermaniaTest POWERgrass in Germania

After the first tests in his own company, Dr Niko Sarris was able to identify two types of suitable substrates by chance, which allow the roots to pass through them, while others, which boasted such characteristics, failed spectacularly or had insignificant results. Impressed by the initial results, Sarris realised the value of the discovery and started trials in experimental fields in Germany and Italy. After a short period of growth, the area was subjected to the passage of the roller with cleats, to simulate the player's footsteps, and after a few weeks the idea was proven to be effective.

Despite Sarris's studies, extensive experience and the good fortune of this unexpected discovery, which found him a solution that had interested the sports pitch construction industry for more than 20 years, his technical skills did not allow him to understand why. In search of answers, he confronted Prof. Claudio Di Prisco, Professor of Civil, Environmental and Territorial Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, who teaches Geotechnics for Land Defence. Professor Di Prisco was a beacon for Sarris, explaining to him the concepts and strengths of the various textiles and nonwovens available in industry and their applications in Geotechnics, making it easier to identify those that were compatible for grass growth.

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