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Cocopeat - organic soil conditioner

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Very often we find ourselves having to sow or transplant sod during the summer break when the temperature is too high for natural grass growth and the sand substrate does not retain enough moisture.

At the same time the USGA standard says that in order to have a large "reservoir" of water you have to use a 30 cm layer of sand, but in most cases sand is very expensive so we have looked for alternative solutions to increase the "field water capacity" or the hygrometric index in the POWERgrass hybrid system with the integration of coco, which is an excellent organic soil conditioner coming, like cork, from renewable resources.

Coconut peat is now replacing traditional sphagnum peat in all crops as well as in vegetables, and offers numerous advantages over traditional peat, especially in turfgrass. In addition to the biophysical properties of coco, a gradual closure of sphagnum peat bogs is expected in the coming years, as the environmental impact is devastating. Considering that a one-metre layer of peat takes about 1000 years to form, it is understandable that its trade cannot last indefinitely.

With regard to turf, USGA regulations stipulate that the sandy substrate must contain 3 to 6% organic matter by weight. Coconut has a neutral pH, so it can be used without any particular limitations in compliance with USGA regulations. In the event of rain, it absorbs 8 times its weight of water, which is much less than traditional sphagnum peat (about 20 times), while in the event of drought it retains its internal moisture better, preventing the substrate from drying out and the formation of hydrophobic phenomena.

POWERgrass hybrid ready for sowingPOWERgrass hybrid ready for sowing

These characteristics of coco together with the presence of the non-woven geotextile in the artificial grass substrate of the PowerGrass system are useful for maintaining the humidity necessary for the growth of the lawn and moderating the excessive phenomena of water saturation during heavy rainfall or drying out during the summer heat, thus saving the most precious resource, which is water.

Coconut also provides a nutrient of organic matter for micro-organisms during the first establishment period of the lawn, has a longer lifespan than traditional peat and promotes better water drainage.

Coconut, through its strong fibres, aggregates the sand and/or cork, providing three-dimensional stability to the infill and growing material.

The stability provided by the coconut and the artificial turf with the fibres well welded to the horizontal support, together with the cushioning effect of the cork, allow a greater number of hours of use of the pitch, up to 6 hours per day during the growing season equal to 1200 hours in a competitive season for northern Italy and up to 1400 hours for the diving centre.

The natural turf can be renewed at any time and it is even possible to play in good conditions even without the natural turf, a unique feature of the PowerGrass hybrid system that has set a new standard in the market.

Even if the natural grass should fail, the synthetic fibres and the sand, cork and coconut infill are stable and allow for safe competition.

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