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Protection of synthetic turf

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In the POWERgrass hybrid turf, the natural grass consolidates the infill of the synthetic turf.

Protection of synthetic turf

All-synthetic turf is usually filled with sand and then with rubber granules to provide elasticity. The rubber infill is known to give off unpleasant odours and contributes to the increased temperature of the synthetic turf. Another disadvantage is that it tends to skip with every bounce of the ball.

In order to overcome these problems, in recent years there has been a market trend towards organic infill materials of vegetable origin instead of traditional rubber. The latter better simulate the advantages of natural turf but in fact have many drawbacks and high maintenance costs, as well as water consumption, so as to eliminate a fundamental aspect of synthetic turf, which would be the low cost of maintenance. 

POWERgrass hybrid turf, again, is an improved alternative to all-synthetic turf with organic plant infill, replacing dead nature with living nature. Once grown, the natural grass occupies all spaces and is also dominant in height compared to the synthetic turf. The playing surface takes on the appearance of a natural lawn while the synthetic turf is almost imperceptible to the players.

Ultimately, POWERgrass combines two completely different grass surfaces that work together in symbiosis with mutual benefits. The natural grass benefits from the reinforcing action of the synthetic turf and in turn helps to preserve the materials used and protects the complete system:

  1. the leaves of the grass protect the synthetic fibres against ageing from the sun's UV rays and wear and tear from playing,
  2. the grass roots aggregate the infill together with the synthetic fibres and the artificial turf therefore does not float during heavy rainfall and does not 'jump' when the ball bounces,
  3. in addition, the grass roots anchor the entire system to the ground to prevent flood damage.

In the POWERgrass hybrid turf, the natural lawn protects the fibres of the synthetic turf from the UV rays of the sun.

While synthetic grass protects the crowns and grass roots are well anchored to the substrate, it seems incredible but, natural grass protects synthetic grass and eliminates many of the defects of all-synthetic turf systems, particularly those with 100% organic infill.

It is well known that synthetic fibres lose 50% of their strength (the half-life cycle of a product) when exposed to the sun in 8,000 hours. This means that the synthetic surface, in about 3.5 to 4.5 years for northern Italy, undergoes irreversible ageing just by being exposed to the sun, without considering the deterioration due to intensive play.

In the POWERgrass hybrid turf, the natural grass grows over the synthetic turf and absorbs most of the sun's UV rays, giving the synthetic fibres a longer life, which in turn reinforces the natural grass.

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