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Ground levelling

Levelling is crucial for the future of your football pitch!

Ground levelling

Many people are convinced that levelling and rolling the surface with a heavy vehicle is sufficient to avoid future settlements, but if the soil is not worked well until complete and homogenous settlement is achieved, depressions will appear with the first rains.

On natural grass pitches, it is necessary to work with the soil in temperate conditions in order to achieve homogeneous settlement and maintain its biophysical properties. Working with excessively wet soil often compromises the subsequent growth of the lawn due to excessive soil compaction that reduces porosity. In some cases, the soil aggregates dissolve to form a mush, destroying the so-called 'soil structure' and it takes many years before it becomes as fertile as it was originally. But even when it is excessively dry, i.e. too dry, it is no good because it pulverises and breaks down its structure. The dust deposited on the surface does not allow regular settling and even if it gets wet it closes the porosity on the surface.

Levelling is an operation that must be repeated continuously until the surface is completely settled, using a tractor-drawn blade under continuous laser control.

The slope of the ground must be uniform along the entire working surface, without risking large depressions and water stagnation, even if they are small, otherwise the water could worsen that small depression over time.

Chamfer the areas where there is a change in slope by at least 5 metres to ensure that the slopes are well connected. Pay attention to the corners and in general the connection up to the borders of the field, especially in the area of the water collection pits and/or towards the gutters.

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