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Irrigation system

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Designing the irrigation system according to needs and geographical area

Irrigation system

The irrigation system must provide an even distribution of water to optimise growing conditions and to reduce water consumption. Turning on several sprinklers at the same time saves even more water because it is known that some irrigation water is lost through evaporation before it reaches the ground. Turning on twice as many sprinklers at the same time lowers the air temperature in a short time and therefore less water is lost through evaporation.

Therefore, supply the system with a powerful pump capable of running more sprinklers to shorten the watering time. In this way it is possible to better manage the water before and during the interval of a game (pitch watering) but also to be able to cool the surface on hot days. This also reduces the labour required to check the operation of all sprinklers, which is always checked at least once a day in case of operation.

Choosing a control unit with remote access also allows the system to be programmed remotely, an operation that is particularly convenient and effective when there are sudden changes in weather conditions. It is always advisable to choose a control unit that is able to connect to probes monitoring the growing conditions related to humidity, temperature and salinity in the growing medium.

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