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Sezione dell'erba ibridaSezione dell'erba ibrida

The POWERgrass hybrid system is ideal for Football, Rugby and American Football pitches, and any other natural grass use, where the play is intensive and/or maintenance is costly because it primarily reinforces the grass and limits the formation of divots. The POWERgrass natural and synthetic grass system has no territorial boundaries, it is suitable for any location in the world where natural grass can be grown.

It represents the best idea ever developed in the sports industry for grass playing fields because it combines the advantages of natural and synthetic grass and reduces maintenance. It immediately caught the interest and approval of the investors because it offers quality and savings. 

Despite the international crisis, we believe in development, new ideas, challenges and constant development. We are aware that it is important to form a group, to develop solid alliances and partnerships with people in the area.

We are looking for dynamic and enterprising people.

The POWERgrass hybrid system website is interactive for technicians who wish to participate in the dissemination of care and conservation techniques for sports turf, for example by publishing articles with practical experiences. The best articles will be sponsored by us and promoted free of charge in the area of interest via Google Ads.

At the same time, the POWERgrass mixed system website becomes a promotional tool for customers wishing to promote their facility, events and initiatives with the best turf available on the market today.

By becoming a customer or partner of the POWERgrass hybrid system, you can request privileged access, i.e. you can publish an infinite number of pages that will be published on our site, subject to authorisation.

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