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The effectiveness of the POWERgrass system is closely linked to routine maintenance so, right from the start, we thought we would offer the maximum in terms of hybrid system technology together with the knowledge needed by the operators to make maintenance more effective.

We have integrated into the irrigation system a control unit connected to the soil and air probes that is easy to access even remotely, a website with numerous articles for free training and information and a follow up service via telephone, WhatsApp or periodic visits from specialised technicians, at a promotional cost.

A platform for digitising and collating information to be shared among professionals was therefore a must. The development of the platform, within its own website, required an immense effort of more than 4 years of planning, development and testing. Today it is possible to code activities by individual project, then record all the information of the daily activities with all the materials and time spent, because as a Ferrari engineer said, "power is nothing without control".

Instead of relying on CMS and CRM produced by third parties, which often require external resources and a complex setup to obtain results that do not always fully correspond to the needs of managing a sports centre, where any customisation binds the company itself to the intervention times and costs of an external supplier, POWERgrass has developed its own advanced computer management system from scratch.  

It is therefore a solution capable of:

  1. meet the company's administrative and operational needs down to the last detail;
  2. evolve in real time in relation to the dynamics of the market or the needs, even momentary, of the company;
  3. grow in any direction in which it is deemed appropriate to invest;
  4. ensure the resolution of any technical IT problem in real time, without any need to involve external suppliers;
  5. concentrate all the different information in a single application, thus facilitating its collection, input and, above all, use;
  6. greatly simplify the verification of information and the search and resolution of critical points in company processes;
  7. provide customers, internal and external collaborators, suppliers and operators in the various company sectors with a single management, organisation and communication platform, reducing costs and learning times and unifying the operational interface with a wider work group.

A solution, therefore, aimed at providing the end user of POWERgrass services and products, i.e. the customer, with as much useful information about the work order as possible in the fastest, safest and most consistent way.

All this has been made possible by integrating within the company team reference figures of verified competence and experience such as a consultant in business organisation and a project manager who, in perfect harmony with the Management and paying the utmost attention to the feedback from all the operational staff, has been able to develop and continues to develop the POWERgrass IT platform.

Technical features

The POWERgrass management platform is based on remote cloud computing hosted by the largest national provider, able to guarantee levels of security and Business Continuity similar to those of a bank.

For the sake of total compatibility and accessibility from any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone; or operating system: Windows, Unix, macOs, Android, iOs; it was decided to develop an extensive web application around a database engine that offered top-level security and performance, without compromise.

Among other things, this choice made it possible to create a very close interaction between the company's Internet portal, which in some ways represents the front end of the system, and the actual management system, which is accessed through the portal's special login area.

Above all, however, it has made it possible to resolve a number of limitations present in ordinary PC software, by way of example:

  1. it is not necessary to install any software and therefore does not require the use of the management software to be tied to certain characteristics of the computer on which it is to run;
  2. it does not oblige suppliers, customers or external collaborators to install software of any kind;
  3. it does not require new software versions to be distributed and installed. Any update to the code is propagated in real time on all devices that have access to the company's internet portal, and therefore to its management system;
  4. all you need is a browser, i.e. web browsing software such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla or any of the 50 or so browsers on the market to access the management system from any device connected to the Internet.
  5. stability of the interface over time, as it is independent of the operating system;
  6. simplicity, intuitiveness and immediacy of use.

It is also interesting to consider that the Internet portal is published in 12 languages, some of which are still being drafted. Similarly, the management system behind it is accessible in the same languages in order to provide foreign subsidiaries or partners with a working tool that is as standardised as possible.

Formation of single-project CTM teams and linking of activities to the calendar

Each project is linked to the persons who, in various commercial, technical or administrative capacities, contribute to its management. The most important activities are recorded and shared on the project activity sheet.

In addition to the daily report, future actions can be planned and exported to the Google calendar.

Coding of job specifications and recording of time and material used

When a project becomes a work order the specification items are loaded into the project sheet, grouping the activities for the workers in the production on site.

The time spent by the workers is recorded via a WebApp, i.e. a universal application that can run on any smartphone via its browser. Tasks are recorded in detail by each operator by selecting items from the specifications. A large notes field allows any additional information to be recorded, as well as the material used for the work.

Thanks to the WebApp, the technical and administrative staff can find the work carried out in chronological order according to the specifications, together with all the information they need to calculate the costs of the job and to understand whether there have been unforeseen events or additional activities.

Personnel monitoring in remote jobs

The attendance tracking system, a real "virtual time card" stamping system, allows the staff in charge, within the limits of the regulations, to record their presence inside the worksite or workplace by recording the start and end time of the activity with the geolocation system, easy to do with a click from your mobile phone. At the end of the day and before leaving the workplace, the virtual time card is always closed in the same way.

A transparent customer relationship

All information relating to the activities carried out on the job related to the specifications is made available to the customer in real time within his reserved area of the POWERgrass WebApp, together with the possibility of downloading documents and reading any direct and confidential communications related to the job or contract in question.

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